The incisal spaces are usually the first sign when the results obtained in orthodontics have failed. Ifthere is an unforeseen space between the incisal end of the tooth and the aligner, it usually means that invisalign does not fit at all.

Aligners have to be used about twenty-two hours a day and are used at the end of any orthodontic procedure in order to maintain and preserve post-orthodontic results.

This dental tool is observed as another important treatment in the orthodontic phase, since the denture has memory fibers that are able to resume their original position l before treatment.

In this regard, it is essential that, at the end of orthodontics, each one of the instructions provided by the dentist in charge of the case are followed to the letter, to avoid losing the results achieved.

If you want to know in more depth what other causes trigger that invisalign does not fit at all, you can not miss this post!

Why Doesn’t Invisalign Quite Fit?

When the invisalign does not fit completely, the most common is that it is due to a development of incisal spaces. These have their origin in the following aspects:

  • The patient does not cooperate and has not followed the recommended usage regimen of at least twenty-two hours a day, without exception.
  • The patient is not receiving the necessary dental movements with his current pattern of use or not enough time has elapsed for an adequate dental movement.
  • Tooth movements have not occurred due to insufficient pressure or insufficient space, either by rotations, extrusions or intrusions, among others.
  • The composite part does not fit into the aligner.

How Do I Prevent Invisalign From Not Fitting Right Together?

The dentist will have to make a series of modifications and revisions to avoid this event. Among them, we must comment on the following:

  • Ensure compliance checkpoints in the treatment plan

If there is no contact at the compliance checkpoints, it is usually assumed that the patient has not used or worn the aligners or met the stipulated time.

  • Take a step back in the process

In case the patient has not complied with the established time, he will have to use the anterior aligner for a few weeks or until the teeth complete with the necessary programmed movements. In this way, the time of usor until the teeth manage to move as much as necessary will be increased.

  • New treatment plan

If the space persists, a new treatment plan will be resumed, observing which teeth move at each step. However, some crowded arches contain tight contacts that prevent the movement of the teeth.

  • Installing a new aligner

Installing a new aligner will not only cost more, but it will also be readjusted and carry out any necessary displacement to help your teeth settle better in the next aligner.

If for some reason the aligners still do not fit, it may be time to ask for a personalized review of the case. It is possible that the physiology of each patient is different and this may be, to some extent, what makes therapy with clear aligners difficult to complete.

Tips On The Use Of Aligners

The key to the success of this treatment is to meet the established time. De in this way, it is prevented that the invisalign procedure has problems and ends up not fitting in completely due to the incisal spaces that arise. In this sense, it will be necessary to follow the following tips:

  • Continuously clean splints before use with a soft toothbrush with water and neutral soap.
  • Once a week, try to use orthodontic appliance disinfectants.
  • Do not immerse the appliance in the mouthwash. Thisclass of products can affect the splint area and would no longer be so transparent.
  • Comply with the established time of use and, in case of varying the schedule, complement it by adding a few additional hours.
  • Avoid wrapping them in napkins as a method of protection because it can cause inconvenience and make them stop working.
  • Try not to leave it within reach of children or pets.

How Long Should I Use Invisalign?

Currently, there are Invisalign treatments aimed at solving mild malocclusions that tend to last approximately six months. However, there are other complicated cases that can last up to two and a half years, so the time will depend on the degree of condition that the person is presenting.

Below, we highlight a series of factors that are taken into account when establishing the duration of invisalign treatment. Let’s see them!

  • Existence of rotations or spaces

When the rotations or spaces are evident, especially in the front teeth, it is usually considered in the diagnosis of short treatments, with an approximate duration of six to twelve months.

  • Troubleshoot problems with mild to moderate crowding or spacing

In this case, the obtaining of the final result ranges from twelve to eighteen months, although with the passing of the months you can show certain small changes. However, after four months there will be a substantial change.

  • More severe malocclusions

In situations of severe malocclusions with compression of one of the arcades, there may be lags, alterations in the relationship of the arches due to prominence, sinking or delayed position. These dental problems are linkedto various types of bites.

In this way, the stipulated time for obtaining the results will be much longer, taking approximately twenty-four months or two and a half years to complete said treatment.

Ruiz De Gopegui Dental Clinic: Specialized In Invisalign Treatments

At the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic you will have at your disposal the best cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technology, to carry out specialized treatments focused on your needs and degree of condition.

Our professionals will be responsible for getting the best solution according to the condition that may endanger your oral health in the short and / or long term.

If you want to solve the problems that trigger the invisalign by not fitting at all, do not hesitate to contact us at the Dental Clinic in Madrid. The first consultation is free. We are waiting for you.

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