No technique is better than another, as each has different characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and even economic differences. In this aspect, it is essential to take into account the diagnostic method and determine what should be done in each case on the advice of the specialist, either Invisalign or braces.

In the end, in orthodontic treatments, it is the specialist who, after studying and examining the patient’s oral health, will recommend one system and another to perfectly align the denture.

If you want to know more about this topic, we tell you everything below!

How Is Invisalign Different From Braces?

The difference between one treatment or another usually varies in the following aspects:

  • Cleaning

The invisalign splint can be optimally cleaned as it can be removed whenever you need it.

However, the cleaning of the brackets is more difficult, since it must be done on each tooth exhaustively. This will be a little more complex and performing the respective sanitation can be tedious, since food debris could accumulate if an adequate brushing is not carried out. Therefore, they are more susceptible to the appearance of caries or harmful agents.

  • Aesthetics

The invisalign system is almost impossible to see because it is transparent, improving aesthetics.

On the other hand, brackets offer a metallic appearance, although there are specific ceramic alternatives that help disguise the appearance of metal. Iteven allows various shades such as sapphire!

  • Duration of an appointment

Braces count as an orthodontic service, so the appointment usually lasts approximately twenty to thirty minutes. In contrast, the invisalign system takes only about fifteen minutes.

  • Interval between appointments

Invisalign splints offer a great advantage and that is that you will not have to go monthly to the clinic because scheduled appointments or appointments are usually made after six or eight weeks.

However, the interval of appointments of the brackets will depend on the care that each person dedicates, since, sometimes, they may fall or that the same arch ends up breaking for no apparent reason, varying the consultations or appointments ona weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

  • Patient Engagement

For the treatment to be successful and meet the objectives set, the patient must wear the splint for twenty-two hours a day, since, incase the established time is not met, he will have to reward him with overtime.

On the other hand, the brackets, being a system that will be carried in the oral cavity until a set period, without the possibility of extraction, the effectiveness of the treatment will be given by going to the consultations or scheduled appointments without missingany.

  • Tooth movement

Invisalign splints limit certain movements or dental displacements, so you will needthe help of some extra techniques to complete your function.

However, with brackets, there will be no problems with respect to the displacement you have, since it usually fits perfectly with any movement that is emitted, whether slight or complex.

Invisalign Or Braces: Which Treatment To Choose?

Un buen ortodoncista debe conocer el funcionamiento de las diversas técnicas, tanto de invisalign como los brackets, para, de esa forma, seleccionar el tipo de técnica que sea mejor para tratar a sus pacientes.

Sin embargo, existen ciertos factores a tener en cuenta antes de seleccionarlo. Entre ellos, destacan:

  • Paciencia por parte del paciente

Este factor es fundamental, ya que, normalmente, las personas suelen cansarse al usar los brackets, sobre todo porque tienen tendencia a salir aftas o heridas en la boca.

  • Estilo de vida

Aquellas personas con poco tiempo libre, se benefician más de citas cortas como las invisalign. No obstante, los brackets, al tratarse de férulas que se cambian, hay que contar con más tiempo para acudir al dentista.

En términos de higiene bucal y la manera en la que suelen desplazarse los dientes, invisalign resulta ser la alternativa más predilecta para aquellas personas que conlleva un estilo de vida más relajado.

  • Duración del tratamiento

Los alineadores invisibles no se ven ni se notan. Además, no duelen y suelen estar enfocados a pacientes con expectativas estéticas y casos con apiñamientos o separación más leves o moderados. En definitiva, aquellos casos que requieren de tiempos más cortos de tratamiento.

In addition, it offers greater comfort and well-being to the patient during the treatment, both at the level of dental aesthetics and for the possibility of removing the splints at specific times.

However, braces are seen, tend to cause mispronunciation, hurt, are fixed, give rise to wounds and, in addition, are usually treatments that are focused on complex cases. Notormalously with malocclusion and requiring more time.

  • Treatment effectiveness

Both braces and Invisalign are perfectly effective to fulfill their mission, especially with regard to dental alignment and final results. However, it will depend on the needs of each specific patient.

  • Level of complexity

The invisalign splint is an orthodontic method based on transparent covers and is responsible for correcting all problems corresponding to the smile, bite or oral cavity.

On the other hand, brackets are indicated for any type of incorrect alignment of the teeth, solving more complicated cases such as treatment with sensitive gums, open or deep bite, slight crowding or any tooth displacement that requires large root movements, such as extractions.

Ruiz De Gopegui Dental Clinic: Specialized In Orthodontic Treatments With Brackets And Invisalign

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