Currently, there are numerous situations of complicated malocclusions derived from certain problems in bone development, which require treatments based on special appliances, such as the orthodontic face mask.

Through the latest technological updates in the world of dentistry, certain dental tools have been developed that specialize in correcting a wide variety of oral pathologies. However, they are not recommended in patients with a hyperdivergent facial pattern.

If you want to know more information about the orthodontic face mask,we invite you to continue reading this post.

What Is Known As A Face Mask In Orthodontics?

It is that extraoral dental tool, which orthodontists place outside the oral cavity, responsible for specifically correcting mandibular and / or maxillary bone malformations. This rests on the chin and forehead and exerts a pressure force and proper positioning of the jaw through pads and elasticbands.

These serve as support for the arch, which pulls the jaw forward and provides greater comfort. This treatment is applied as long as the dental development of the first molars in conjunction with the lateral and / or central incisors has been completed.

What Functions Does The Face Mask Fulfill In Orthodontics?

This treatment isprovided after having completed specific steps. First, an expander should be placed in the jaw seven to six days prior to the mask. Amongthe most relevant functions we find:

  • Position the upper jaw.
  • Modify the inclination of the traction according to the vertical pattern of the patient.
  • Enlarge the width of the palate.
  • Improve the patient’s bone development.
  • Carry out an adequate advancement and development, produced by the convergence of the maxillary bone.

What Are Orthodontic Treatments With Face Masks?

Currently, there are several forms of treatment available, whose duration varies depending on the situation of each patient. However, in some cases, its use can last around eight months or more, among them we highlight:

Skeletal malocclusion

In these cases they are not related to a bad placement of the teeth, but with the arrangement of the bones of the face, through various orthodontic and functional appliances.

Patients with occlusion problems

The maxilla develops late with respect to the mandibular area, due to a problem of bone development. It can occur at ten or eleven years of age, because at this point in the patient’s life is when the growth of the bones of the face slows down.

It is essential to particularize each case through therapies and active and short treatment stages. However, if it is not detected in time, it will cause problems in adulthood, being treated only by orthognathic surgery.

Other dental problems

Cervical shooting devices are used, which «pull inwards» the jaw with a flexible band that is located on the neck. Itcan be indicated, especially, in children from six to eight years, or those who have already erupted the required teeth.

The purpose of these treatments is to improve the maxilla without slowing mandibular growth, however, for the mask to correctly fulfill its function, it should be used approximately twelve to fourteen hours a day.

Inthe event that the corresponding time is not fulfilled in the day for some external reason, the person must supplement the missing hours the following days, until balancing again the twelve to fourteen hours a day.

However, in some situations, they are usually combined with palatine circuit breakers, which are used to expand the palate. De in this way, manage to prepare the oral cavity for a future orthodontic treatment.

What Are The Phases Of Orthodontic Face Mask Treatments?

These treatments encompass three fundamental phases, which depend on the successful completion of one to start with the following:

  • Extension

Palatine enlargement is carried out through the circuit breaker-type expander.

  • Traction

At this point it is essential to consider and verify an ideal previous bone-dental maturation, to achieve the triumph of this phase of extraction.

  • Retention

Recurrence occurs to a greater or lesser degree, so this phase is required to maintain the expected results, as longas the two previous phases have been fulfilled.

The ideal will always be prevention, therefore, you should go to your dentist for any anomaly. The earlier the treatment is applied, the better and more stable the expected results will be.

How Many Types Of Face Mask In Orthodontics Are There?

There are several types, but the choice of one or the other will depend on the problem that needs to be corrected, as well as the current situation ofthe patient:

  • Occipital chin guard

This is suggested in specific dental cases, such as mild to moderate mandibular prognathism.

  • Vertical chin guard

It is used in those patients who develop a pronounced angle of the mandibular plane or with too much elevation in the facial area.

Indications For The Use Of Orthodontic Face Mask

Any of the selected types is used only when sleeping or when the patient is at home, so it is not recommended to exercise or practice any type of physical exercise with the face mask on.

However, in some cases, the solution of the problem cannot be guaranteed definitively, being very likely that the person must start after its use, once the duration of the duration, a new orthodontic treatment has ended.

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