The pinhole technique is known as an innovative and painless way used by dental professionals, specifically, periodontists, to regenerate part of the gingival area that has been lost.

It is usually one of the most used methods for gingival regeneration. However, in most cases, this technique is applied due to the existence of periodontal pathologies or extremely aggressive brushing.

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What Is Known As Pinhole Technique?

This technique is based on a rejuvenation of the gingival tissue and is less invasive, painless and annoying for the patient. This is because it offers a much faster healing process compared to other gingival rejuvenation treatments.

In this regard, instead of opting for extra tissue grafts or stitches, it simply focuses on the affected gum tissue already existing at the treatment site. In this way, it avoids exasperating discomfort in the postoperative period and excessive bleeding.

When To Use The Pinhole Technique?

Currently, there are various types of dental procedures or methods responsible for solving and regenerating gingival tissues, as well as avoiding recession, sensitivity and functional weakness, in order to improve both the support structure and aesthetics.

Recessions are known as the structural loss of supports, both in the gingival area and in the bone of one or numerous teeth, eradicating a certain part of the root and creating a simulation as of a more elongated and exposed tooth.

However, the pinhole technique is usually recommended only for those people who have suffered gingival loss and who, in turn, for some reason or another, do not want to undergo the well-known traditional gingival grafting procedure.

However, this pathology tends to develop due to multiple causes or factors. These include:

  • Existence of periodontal diseases, either in its initial state, gingivitis, or in its most critical state, periodontitis.
  • A poor technique of aggressive brushing, causing severe gingival abrasion.
  • Bad habits such as tobacco, alcohol and even hormonal problems.
  • Poorly planned or elaborate orthodontic treatments.
  • Bruxism or teeth grinding.
  • Genetic factors.
  • The natural aging process of the oral cavity.
  • Strong or severe trauma to the oral cavity.

How Is The Pinhole Technique Performed?

For its implementation, dental devices or tools will be needed, specially designed to create a minimal perforation or hole in the healthy gingival tissue of the person to be treated, on the area that requires treatment.

In this way, certain manual movements are performed, in order to subtly detach the mucosa from the root with rectification. Then, when the tissue surrounding the tooth is loosened, it glides delicately to the position where it should be.

When it is possible to position in the correct way, the dentist will proceed to place small strips of collagen in the area to be treated. This will help promote the natural creation of collagen and elastin, causing better healing and decreasing inflammation.

This minimal opening serves to gently yield and expand the affected gingival tissue, protecting the externalized areas of the affected teeth. In these, it is where the retraction of the soft tissue has occurred.

Advantages Of The Pinhole Technique

This method offers great advantages compared to the other traditional gingival recession procedures. These include:

  • Does not interrupt the vascularization process

By not having incisions and not altering any vascular structure throughout the intervention, it ensures that the vascularization remains almost complete as at the beginning, reducing any type of discomfort or possible subsequent pain.

  • Optimizes healing

Recovery is usually very satisfactory, fast and minimally invasive, so the patient will have a much short and less painful recovery period.

In addition, it offers greater comfort, durability and a much more natural appearance for the patient when entering the post-treatment state. In addition, it offers incredible results compared to other conventional techniques.

  • Offers immediate effects

This treatment provides an improvement in both aesthetics and physical appearance, which tends to be noticeable from the first moment or after the first twenty-four hours after the intervention.

  • No stitches required

By not needing sutures or deep cuts, the treatment offers a short recovery period, since its healing process turns out to be painless and without any discomfort.

The scalpels are replaced by surgical tools and since there is no donor part, a second or third intervention is avoided in another area of the oral cavity, mainly the palate.

Disadvantages Of The Pinhole Technique

Among the disadvantages of this technique, we highlight:

– Tends to be more expensive than other treatments

This intervention will require precise tools and concrete training just to carry it out, so the price, compared to the other procedures, tends to be higher.

– Requires an extra artificial material

This artificial material always turns out to be biocompatible with the body, so it will not cause any problem in resorption. However, mucous membranes involve some risk when they are not carried out in the correct way, causing leaks of the same.

In this regard, it is important to comment that the cases to be treated on gingival retractions have to be evaluated in a personalized way, knowing the degree of affection of each patient.

Is The Pinhole Technique Effective?

Yes of course! This technique has become one of the techniques with the greatest boom in gingival regeneration or root lining, offering much more favorable and effective factors for the patient.

The results are usually very similar to those achieved by free grafts, but without requiring sutures, incisions or excessive bleeding. In this way, it provides greater predictability and stability in the natural production of the gum.

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