The dental world advances rapidly incorporating innovative techniques and materials that facilitate both the aesthetics of the smile and its functionality, including the system of removable dental prostheses without hooks.

This new modality is based on a prosthetic system that has the possibility of being removed and is exempt from the typical unsightly hooks that conventional devices usually have, coupling without any difficulty with the tissues of the oral cavity.

The Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic puts at your disposal removable dental prostheses without hooks. The purpose is that you recover that smile that you want so much and improve the lack of your teeth or even your entire teeth.

What Are Removable Dentures Without Hooks?

This prosthetic system replaces the natural pieces without problem in the presence of any total or partial tooth loss, which usually happens in our smile with the passage of time.

They are located and manufactured in a similar way to the measurements of the oral cavity of the person, acquiring the tonality of the gingival area, which makes them more aesthetic and attractive to the naked eye.

Its use is usually recommended as a priority to those with periodontal conditions in severe, critical or mild condition and dental instability.

Important Factors In The Design Of Removable Dentures

Its design is composed of four important factors:

  • Print taking

First, the dentist will use the impression to acquire each of the dimensions of the oral cavity, make them and adapt them perfectly.

  • Consigned to the laboratory

It is sent to the laboratory where it will be remade, obtaining the prosthesis in its last stage and proceeding with the final test.

  • Prosthesis test

The test is placed in the oral cavity to ensure that it fits properly on the surface of the gingival area and that, in turn, no rubbing is emitted with it or collateral damage is caused.

  • Routine monitoring

When the first three phases have been successfully completed, the dentist will schedule certain check-ups to make sure that the performance of the same is going as it should and in perfect condition.

Parallel to this, our specialists, as a plus, will teach you the correct process of extraction and subsequent placement, without affecting its functionality or adjacent inconveniences.

Features Of Removable Dentures Without Hooks

Because of the semi-rigid, elastic thermo-injectable materials and their great resemblance to natural dentures, the aesthetic factor allows to design the shape of the prosthesis and the retainer with the same resin, providing:

  • Great firmness against breaks or microcracks.
  • Subtle and aesthetic, having no metal hooks.
  • They are usually more comfortable.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • They have translucency and invisibility.
  • They are odorless, they do not produce odors like the other prostheses.
  • They do not exert changes in their coloration or diversification of stretches overtime.

In short, it is the latest and most innovative in the dental world, bringing innovation, well-being and aesthetics, since they do not cause friction, injuries or damage to the enamel.

Recommendations Prior To The Use Of Removable Dentures

To provide optimal care and attention to these systems and, in addition, a longer useful life, we recommend:

  • Dental hygiene

You will have to increase it and make it more intense and exhaustive, sanitizing both the prostheses and your teeth, including the gingival and lingual area, after each food intake using special dental tools. Be sure to sanitize all areas of the prosthesis, especially those areas that touch the gums.

  • Periodic reviews

It will be very important to go to periodic check-ups, to check that everything is going well over time. Thus, the dentist will have the possibility of performing a correct evaluation to keep your oral cavity healthy.

In addition, it will serve for the early detection of any dental problem or condition and will prevent future oral pathologies from developing in case of irritation and discomfort, both underlying and adjacent.

  • Remove before bed

When you go to sleep you must extract them and, subsequently, place them in a glass with cleaning solution and water at room temperature. Otherwise, they will tend to weaken and modify their appearance.

  • Improve your lifestyle

You will have to establish a new healthy lifestyle, improving both food and alcohol consumption; Spicy, hard and sweet foods. It will be essential to completely avoid certain habits such as tobacco.

In this way, you will ensure that they are kept in an optimal state and, in addition, look super shiny.

Steps For Proper Washing And Cleaning

The simple fact that they can be removed and put on provides great ease in cleaning and sanitizing, allowing it to be cleaned in three possible ways:

  • Daytime prosthetic extraction

Remove it and place it in a glass glass of water at room temperature for ten to twenty minutes, before and after eating. This will eliminate any agglomeration and accumulation of food.

  • Use of mouthwashes or oral rinses

You can add mouthwashes or rinses in the glass to keep it clean. Do not use toothbrushes with strong and hard bristles to remove food or dirt, as this simple action will scratch them and end up deteriorating.

  • Nocturnal prosthetic removal

When you go to sleep, place them in a glass cup with baking soda, water and cleaning solution. This will make them shinier, but, above all, free of any harmful agent or microorganism.

Recover Your Smile With Removable Dentures Without Hooks At The Ruiz De Gopegui Dental Clinic

At the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic you will find great professionals and specialists in the various areas of dentistry, who will attend you in a professional way and human warmth, providing early and exhaustive diagnoses and results.

In addition, we will offer the best treatments, techniques and / or methods of the latest technological and avant-garde generation of the dental world, which will adapt to your needs, degree of affection, current situation and tastes.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our professionals, together we will take care of working your case in a personalized way, return your smile and solve any concern and / or pathology that may be affecting.

If you need removable dentures without hooks, do not wait any longer and buy them right now at the Dental Clinic in Madrid. The first consultation is free.

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