You have a dental implant that moves, what’s going on? A dental implant is one of the best solutions against the loss of teeth, as they help us recover the functionality and aesthetics of the smile. However, on some occasions patients who notice some movement in the dental implant they carry have come to consultation. If a dental implant is moved, it is important to go as soon as possible to the dental clinic so that it is the expert who assesses the situation and, if necessary, applies the most appropriate solution.

Why Is My Dental Implant Moving?

When we perform an implant treatment, we are placing a high quality screw in the bone to act as the root of the tooth. This intervention should not pose any problem for the patient and a movement of the implant is an alert that something is wrong.

In the Ruiz de Gopegui clinic we have an expert office in dental implantology. In addition, we are committed to the best quality materials and the most advanced technology for each treatment. This assures us the success of any intervention. If this is added to a correct oral hygiene of the patient after treatment, it is not usual for the implant to move. However, some patients do perceive this sensation.

But beware! Remember that for the dental implant treatment to be completed, the osseointegration process must have been completed, that is, the implant is correctly fused with the bone. This period is usually completed after 3 months, so before, it is normal to notice that the implant has not been completely fixed.

If after the osseointegration process we still notice that the implant moves excessively, it is not normal and must be solved! The screw may not have been anchored properly and there may be a rejection towards the dental implant. This rejection of the placed piece is usually due to infectious pathologies that have not been treated and compromise the stability of the implant. Faced with this cause, surgery may be needed again.

On the other hand, it may also be that the prosthesis or crown placed after osseointegration has lost firmness and needs to be replaced. Faced with this problem, the solution is simpler, since the crown or prosthesis is simply adjusted to the screw again.

Sometimes, the movement of the dental implant can also be due to excessive bite force presented by the patient or also a dental trauma to the jaw.

More Causes That Make You Move A Dental Implant

Previously, we have discussed the main causes that can cause the movement of a dental implant. To these, other factors must also be added:

  • Low-quality dental implant.
  • Poor implant placement technique by the specialist.
  • The osseointegration process is affected by infectious pathologies that cause rejection of the implant.
  • Poor placement of the crown or prosthesis.

How To Prevent The Dental Implant From Moving?

In case there is an excessive movement of the dental implant, it is necessary that our expert implantologist indicates the reason and recommends a solution.

However, there are guidelines and routines that can help us prevent the implant from moving.

  • We must follow proper oral hygiene routines. This way we will be able to eliminate the presence of oral bacteria and the accumulation of tartar and, therefore, the probability of suffering an oral infection is reduced.
  • In case of bruxism, it will be necessary to use discharge splints that help us reduce the pressure in our teeth.
  • Last and most important, we must go to a dental clinic specialized in implantology that guarantees good results.

When To Go To The Dental Clinic?

In case of detecting any abnormal movement of your dental implant, it is important that you go to our dental clinic as soon as possible so that our team of experts can evaluate your case.

In addition, it is of great importance that you also go to all the scheduled check-ups with your dentist after the implant intervention. It will be in these sessions where the dentist can follow up and make sure that everything is going well and that the osseointegration is adequate.

Clínica Ruiz De Gopegui: Experts In Implantology

Remember: It is very important to go to a trusted dental clinic that has a team of professionals and at the Ruiz de Gopegui clinic we have them.

ClínicaRuiz de Gopegui is one of the best clinics specialized in dental implants in Madrid. We are specialized in implantology, using the most innovative techniques and the latest technology.

Our expert doctor will carry out a detailed treatment planning based on a previous exhaustive diagnosis that we will perform to know all your needs.

If you want to get dental implants, do not hesitate to contact us and ask us any question. Visit our dental clinic! Make an appointment!

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