Who does not want to have a healthy and careful mouth? The objective of our patients when they come to our clinic is to be able to show off healthy teeth, free of diseases. A healthy mouth is one that includes all the dental pieces since their loss affects the aesthetics and functionality of the mouth. At the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic, we do not want our patients to have to go through the extraction of dental pieces, for this reason, we carry out a series of treatments focused on the protection of the teeth.

Conservative dentistry is the set of treatments whose main objective is the healing and conservation of teeth and tissues, trying to avoid their extraction at all costs. At our Ruiz de Gopegui dental clinic, we will help you ensure your oral health. Our goal is to provide you with a healthy and well-cared mouth in the safest way. We believe that a friendly and personalized treatment facilitates the understanding between the professional and the patient, apart from creating an ideal environment to practice dentistry. That is why we dedicate to each patient the time and attention that their case needs with our best smile.

What Is Conservative Dentistry?

In the past, when faced with certain dental problems, the extraction of the damaged piece became the only viable solution. However, advances in dentistry have made it possible for new alternatives to this drastic solution to appear. Conservative dentistry encompasses all of these alternatives. It is a process that tries to preserve, with minimal invasion, most of the original healthy structure of the tooth that may have been partially destroyed, fractured, or worn away by some pathology. For this, the coordination of a multidisciplinary team is essential, such as the one you will find in our Ruiz de Gopegui dental clinic. Your oral health is in good hands, at our clinic we attach great importance to the training of our dentists therefore, all our specialists have been trained in prestigious master’s degrees and comply with the most advanced training in their field. Attending constant training in national and international courses and congresses.

If you need a conservative dentistry treatment, we will assess your case on the first visit to our clinic in order to offer you the best solution, and thus avoid the extraction of dental pieces. Led by one of the Ruiz de Gopegui doctors, we will carry out a complete examination of your mouth. We will do all the necessary diagnostic tests and we will listen to you. For us, this first visit is one of the most important appointments since it will establish the diagnosis and ideal treatment plan. Once the treatment indicated for your case has been decided, we will inform you at all times of the number and duration of the appointments, as well as the complete budget. Always with total clarity and transparency, to avoid surprises.


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    Conservative Dentistry Treatments

    The area of conservative dentistry includes different treatments. Among the most common we highlight fillings or fillings, endodontics, correction of occlusions, dental inlays or bruxism treatments.

    These dental treatments are always focused on the same objective: To be as less invasive as possible, trying to maintain the best condition of each of the original teeth at the end of the treatment.

    What Advantages Does Conservative Dentistry Offer?

      • Thanks to conservative dentistry you can have a healthier mouth. A healthy mouth is one that has all the teeth in occlusion. It also includes having healthy gums.
      • You will save time and money. Treating early and taking seriously the prevention in your oral health, will save you major oral problems and consequently the time and money you should invest in them.
      • You will preserve your natural teeth. At Gopegui Dental Clinic we have a multidisciplinary team and we will treat your case in a comprehensive way to save diseased teeth.

    For Whom Is This Treatment Indicated?

    Any patient who needs it can access a conservative dentistry treatment. Both adults and children of any age are likely to need some conservative technique at any given time. In the case of children , for example, it is very common to resort to fillings when cavities appear.

    Prevention, Another Key Piece In Conservative Dentistry

    The so-called preventive dentistry is also part of conservative dentistry, with which the need for dental treatments is reduced in the medium and long term. Most of the dental problems that we try to restore with conservative dentistry are due to a poor diet, inadequate hygiene habits, or simply hereditary factors. In this sense, prevention becomes a fundamental piece and at the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic, in addition to making conservative dentistry treatments available to you, we give our patients guidelines for correct oral hygiene.

    Our team will help you improve your techniques and daily habits so that you can boast of iron oral health at all times. Our objective is that our patients learn to prevent the daily accumulation of bacterial plaque through brushing techniques.

    Not for this reason, professional dental cleaning or prophylaxis should be set aside every 6 months, since it allows a deeper cleaning. Periodic dental visits are also essential to prevent diseases as recurring as those of the gums, be it gingivitis or periodontitis .

    Prevention and correct oral health includes many advantages. At the health level, any type of pathology is detected earlier, at the economic level it is always better since if we keep a check, conservative dentistry treatments are cheaper since there is less damage and at an aesthetic level because the mouth is cleaner and healthier and better-cared teeth. Let our team of professionals take care of monitoring your smile.



    Dr. Juan Ruiz de Gopegui is endorsed by certificates and extensive experience that guarantees success in each of his treatments. He also insists on attending congresses and specialized courses to continue renewing himself to offer our clients the best techniques and treatments.



    Our mission is that you feel good throughout the process, in which we continuously accompany you. Our greatest satisfaction is that the result of the treatment is a happy patient.



    Each patient is unique and special for us, so each person receives a completely individualized treatment at the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic, geared towards meeting their expectations.



    We have the latest dental technology, designed to facilitate the use of new techniques and improve the patient experience. It guarantees extraordinary results, with diagnoses and treatments with state-of-the-art equipment.


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    On your first visit we will explain everything you need to know about us.


    Photographs, x-rays, orthopantomography and CT scans to analyze your case.


    Review of the specialist dentist that together with the radiological study will give you a diagnosis and answer your questions.


    Once the diagnosis is finished, the Doctor will propose a complete treatment plan. Administration will make an assessment along with a budget without commitment.


    Once your doubts have been resolved and the possible financing of the treatment plan has also been studied, we will start following the doctor's instructions and your needs.

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