In the digital age where the image has gained a fundamental role, more and more patients come to our dental clinic concerned about their dental aesthetics, since a beautiful smile can be our best hallmark.

At our Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic we are committed to each patient with total trust and transparency to improve their smile. We want patients to be able to regain that confidence and security by having a healthy and well-cared for mouth. Let them be proud of their smile.

What Is Dental Aesthetics

Aesthetic Dentistry is the specialty of Dentistry that aims to improve the appearance of teeth and gums. Through the analysis of the facial features, the shape of the lips and the shape of the face, it is possible to create or recover a totally natural and personalized smile to each of our patients. The success of this type of treatment is to achieve absolutely natural smiles, fleeing from the artificial aspects that were formerly obtained with traditional dentistry.

Get the final result are real teeth, that nobody can differentiate if it is a natural tooth or a dental treatment.

The area of dental aesthetics has advanced a lot in recent years, so in our dental clinic we have incorporated the most innovative techniques and treatments to design your smile with the latest technology.

Know Your Future Smile Before You Start

The Digital Smile Design is a novel and innovative diagnostic tool that we apply to all our treatments not only of Dental Aesthetics but also to all Oral Rehabilitation treatments.

Thanks to this diagnostic tool the patient can see, interact, or even introduce his own modifications on this design of his smile (always advised by our specialist in Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Juan Ruiz de Gopegui) before starting the treatment.

That is, the patient can be seen with a test of this smile design live and before starting the treatment. You can even go a few hours with this test so that it is also valued by your family and friends. Once the patient is satisfied with this dental design, it will be performed definitively.

We help you design your smile with the most avant-garde technology

At Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic we will design your smile and together we determine the necessary treatments to make your mouth shine with its own light.

Digital Smile Design is a unique and state-of-the-art protocol in the preliminary diagnosis we perform in our dental clinic. It consists of planning treatments by computer, based on four fundamental aspects: the shape, color, size and position of the teeth. Smile design is very useful in the area of dental aesthetics because it allows us to do digital planning through 3D diagnostic tests.

With our 3Shape Trios Scanner we can show you the proposed dental aesthetic treatment plan and its result on a screen with 3D images so you can assess it and decide if it meets your expectations.

Thanks to this technique you can see the final result of your treatment before starting it, and consequently modify everything with consideration before, always advised by our specialist, Dr. Juan Ruiz de Gopegui. We will design your desired smile together.


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    Our Experts In Dental Aesthetics

    Dr. Juan Ruiz de Gopegui, our professional and specialist in dental aesthetics has established himself as an expert in this area, with an experience backed by hundreds of cases treated during his professional career.

    His involvement and dedication to each case make him a magnificent professional certified by the best professional societies such as SEPES, SEPA and SEOC and founding member of the Aesthetic Dentistry Studies Group.

    His extensive knowledge of aesthetics allows him to be an associate professor of the Master of Aesthetic Dentistry at the Complutense University of Madrid. So our patients have at their service a professional of the highest level.

    How Do We Work?

    Our professional team meets in a clinical committee where we assess the problems and needs of each patient in order to offer a complete, detailed and personalized diagnosis on the treatment or combination of several of them that benefits the patient.

    That is, if there is any pathology such as caries, gingivitis or periodontitis, it will be necessary to treat and solve them previously before undergoing any aesthetic procedure. Patient care and oral health is our priority, aesthetics at Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic will always be subject to it.

    Our dental clinic has a clear orientation towards dental aesthetics, implantology and periodontics, being three areas that generate many synergies and allows our professionals to treat our patients in an integral way.

    Our commitment to the patient is total, so you will be informed at all times of the procedures and treatments, as well as their cost and consequences.

    In the dental clinic Ruiz de Gopegui we stand out for carrying out dental aesthetic treatments with a multidisciplinary planning in which the different specialties of the areas of orthodontics, dental aesthetics, periodontics, conservative dentistry and dental implants and dental prostheses intervene in a clinical committee. . The combination and personalized assessment of each case among all professionals allows us to offer a complete and detailed diagnosis to each patient.

    What Problems Does Dental Aesthetics Correct

    The area of dental aesthetics allows to solve or correct a large number of oral problems. The most common reasons why a patient visits us to improve the aesthetics of their teeth are:

    • Misaligned, separated, or crowded teeth.
    • Broken, fractured, or aged teeth.
    • Teeth that are too small or too large.
    • Absence of teeth.
    • Yellowish teeth, very dark or with unsightly spots.
    • Unsightly gums, such as receding gums or on the contrary excessively encimas (the gingival smile).

    Dental Aesthetic Treatments

    Dental aesthetics includes different dental treatments. Depending on the case of each patient, a different specialized plan will be proposed.

    After assessing the needs of the patient, he will be indicated if any treatment prior to dental aesthetics is necessary.

    Your Dental Aesthetics Consultation In 4 Steps

    We want your first visit with us to be as pleasant as possible. The steps we will follow will be as follows:

    Step 1

    Dental check-up, assessment and diagnosis. We will request the necessary diagnostic tests to find the appropriate treatment or treatments in each case. In our dental clinic we carry out the tests with the most cutting-edge and innovative technology in the sector.

    Step 2

    We will discuss the results of the diagnosis and talk about what your aesthetic goals are. Our team will propose the necessary treatments to take care of your mouth and improve your smile.

    Step 3

    Our specialists will explain carefully and as honestly as possible what your treatment will consist of. We will inform you of all the steps you must follow, taking into account your case in a personalized way. All this with total transparency, at all times you will know the pros and cons of each treatment.

    Step 4

    We will assess with you the budget of the total treatment, we will inform you with total confidence of the payment facilities we offer and we can start working to get your best smile.

    We invite you to know what they think of us

    1st Free Visit

    We want to meet you, analyze your problem and tell us your doubts. We take our work very seriously and offer you the utmost professionalism.

    Payment Facilities

    At the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic the first visit and diagnosis is free and without obligation. In addition, we have different payment and financing modalities to facilitate our patients’ treatme


    Dr. Juan Ruiz de Gopegui is endorsed by certificates and extensive experience that guarantees success in each of his treatments. It also insists on attending congresses and specialized courses to continue renewing itself to offer our clients the best techniques and treatments.


    Our mission is to make you feel good throughout the process, in which we accompany you continuously. Our greatest satisfaction is that the result of the treatment is a happy patient.

    Personalized treatment

    Each patient is unique and special for us, so each person receives at the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic a totally individualized treatment aimed at meeting their expectations.


    We have the latest dental technology, designed to facilitate the use of new techniques and improve the patient experience. It guarantees extraordinary results, with diagnoses and treatments with cutting-edge appliances.

    Call us without obligation: 915 741 343 / 915 743 900

    Will this treatment work with me?


    Call or write to us to make an appointment as soon as possible.


    On your first visit we will explain everything you need to know about us.


    Photographs, x-rays, orthopantomography and CT scans to analyze your case.


    Review of the specialist dentist that together with the radiological study will give you a diagnosis and answer your questions.


    Once the diagnosis is finished, the Doctor will propose a complete treatment plan. Administration will make an assessment along with a budget without commitment.


    Once your doubts have been resolved and the possible financing of the treatment plan has also been studied, we will start following the doctor's instructions and your needs.

    We want to meet you, we call you

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