Teeth are a fundamental part of us. We use them for functions as basic as eating, laughing or talking. Can you imagine what life would be like without them?

Do not imagine it because in Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic we put all the means on our part so that this does not happen. Teeth can be lost for different reasons, such as age, trauma or periodontal disease. However, recovering them is very important both aesthetically and health-wise.

Dentures are one of the valid options to recover the loss of one or more teeth.

Dental Clinic Ruiz de Gopegui is a clinic specializing in dental prostheses and we put a lot of effort into training our medical team so that you can face your prosthesis treatment with the greatest possible professionalism.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures function as an artificial substitute for natural teeth. This treatment becomes the perfect solution when there is tooth loss.

The objective of the prostheses is, therefore, to replace the teeth that have been lost.

Recovering these pieces is important to restore the masticatory function of the denture and at the same time improve dental aesthetics. In addition, tooth loss not replaced by another, can lead to more complex treatments in the future.

In our dental clinic we know this, and our goal is to offer the most innovative treatments that allow us to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

For this, our clinic specialized in dental prostheses has the latest technology. This, added to the experience of our specialists, allows us to ensure high success rates in our treatments.

There are different types of dental prostheses, each of them indicated for the different needs of each patient.

Dr. Juan Ruiz de Gopegui, specialist in Dental Prosthesis and Aesthetic Dentistry, will be the one who, after a previous and personalized assessment, recommends one type or another of prosthesis.

In general, we can divide dental prostheses into two large groups: fixed dental prostheses and removable dental prostheses. Both have different peculiarities and our doctor will help you choose the option that best suits your lifestyle.


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    What Differentiates Us From Other Clinics That Place This Type Of Prosthesis?

    One of the main reasons why teeth are lost is the appearance of periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis or periodontitis. At the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic we believe that facing a dental prosthesis treatment with good periodontal health is essential to ensure its success. In case the patient does not enjoy healthy gums, it will be quite likely that he will relapse.

    Therefore, in our dental office the first step, before starting your dental prosthesis treatment, will be to perform a complete periodontal study by our periodontist Dr. Manuel Ruiz de Gopegui. In case of detecting any sign of periodontal disease, this patient will be treated prior to prosthesis treatment to ensure its long-term success.

    How We Work Dental Aesthetics

    Our professional team meets in a clinical committee where we assess the problems and needs of each patient in order to offer a complete, detailed and personalized diagnosis on the treatment or combination of several of them that benefits the patient.

    That is, if there is any pathology such as caries, gingivitis or periodontitis, it will be necessary to treat and solve them previously before undergoing any aesthetic procedure. Patient care and oral health is our priority.

    Our dental clinic has a clear orientation towards dental aesthetics, implantology and periodontics, being three areas that generate many synergies and allows our professionals to treat our patients in an integral way.

    Our commitment to the patient is total, so you will be informed at all times of the procedures and treatments, as well as their cost and consequences.

    In the Gopegui dental clinic we stand out for carrying out dental aesthetic treatments with a multidisciplinary planning in which the different specialties of the areas of orthodontics, aesthetics, periodontics, conservative dentistry and implantology intervene in a clinical committee. The combination and personalized assessment of each case among all professionals allows us to offer a complete and detailed diagnosis to each patient.

    Types Of Dental Implants

    More Predictable Denture Treatments Thanks To CAD CAM Technology

    At the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic each patient is unique and special for us, so each of them receives a totally individualized treatment aimed at meeting their expectations thanks to the detailed study of their case. For this, our clinic offers patients the most advanced technological means on the market in diagnosis and treatment.

    One of the technology we use to carry out the treatment of dental prostheses is the CAD CAM technique. The CAD-CAM system is the latest in robotic technology, used in the area of dentistry that helps improve the design and creation of restorations, especially dental prostheses.

    It consists of the design through computer of the dental prostheses. Using software, the tooth is designed in three dimensions. Once this digital design is made, the file is sent to a milling machine which will mill that dental design in a block of a certain material.

    With this digital technology, models of the patient’s mouth are scanned and restorations processed and manufactured using computer-aided mechanization. This gives us great precision in diagnosis and manufacturing.

    The steps of the technique consist first of laser scanning of the tooth, scanning of the antagonist and bite. Once the data is obtained, the aesthetic prosthesis is designed on a computer using three-dimensional software. Finally, we proceed to robotic milling or manufacture of the parts, based on the information of the design of the prosthesis quickly and comfortably.

    Advantages of CAD CAM technology

    • Relying on this technology at the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic we can carry out more predictable treatments with less margin of error, which translates into higher success rates.
    • This technique allows to manufacture highly aesthetic prostheses with a perfect seal.
    • The entire process of creating the future tooth is carried out by digital software and milling machines. The hand of man does not intervene.
    • Dentures created from this technique are more durable.
    • Faster development of dental prostheses.
    • Reduction of the times of the entire treatment.
    • Perfect fit and therefore good occlusion.

    Benefits Of Using Prostheses

    • The use of prostheses improves the quality of life of our patients. The sensation that is achieved is to carry the teeth as if they were the patient’s own.
    • It allows to recover the functionality of the mouth. Thanks to the placement of dental prostheses, the patient will be able to chew food normally and without restrictions.
    • Complete prostheses support correct phonetics.
    • Complete prostheses integrate as best as possible into the physiognomy of each patient.
    • Prostheses are hygienic and easy to clean.


    Dr. Juan Ruiz de Gopegui is endorsed by certificates and extensive experience that guarantees success in each of his treatments. It also insists on attending congresses and specialized courses to continue renewing itself to offer our clients the best techniques and treatments.


    Our mission is to make you feel good throughout the process, in which we accompany you continuously. Our greatest satisfaction is that the result of the treatment is a happy patient.

    Personalized treatment

    Each patient is unique and special for us, so each person receives at the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic a totally individualized treatment aimed at meeting their expectations.


    We have the latest dental technology, designed to facilitate the use of new techniques and improve the patient experience. It guarantees extraordinary results, with diagnoses and treatments with cutting-edge appliances.

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