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The measures against the coronavirus that Madrid has put in place, supposes an alteration in our day to day. That is why we make available to citizens a dental emergency service.

If you develop fever, cough, malaise:


In the clinic we put at your disposal a patient care service, so you can solve your doubts by phone or via mail. Any questions will be answered in the shortest possible time by our team, providing the necessary information for your knowledge and peace of mind.

Thank you for your collaboration in this exceptional situation. We are convinced that if we all follow the indicated rules, we can stop the advance of the coronavirus.

Common Dental Emergencies And Tips On How To Act

Dental fractures

After receiving an impact that is that the tooth breaks partially. Depending on the blow this can affect not only your dental aesthetics but also the internal structure of the tooth.
A complete revision should be performed to see if the nerve has been damaged causing calcification or necrosis of the tooth.
You will have to pick up the piece of tooth, clean it with water and bring it. If we can we will perform a dental reconstruction. If you do not find it, we can perform a treatment with dental veneers. If the tooth has been damaged due to the nerve, we will proceed to perform a root canal. At home we recommend you fit your mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress on your face for inflammation.

Acute toothache

It can be a cavity, the exit of a wisdom tooth. To alleviate the pain we recommend rinsing your mouth, flossing to remove pieces of food and placing a cold compress around. Avoid eating hot and cold foods. Go to the dentist as soon as possible to prevent caries from progressing and we can also assess the prescription of medications that relieve pain.

Loss of one or more teeth

If by any blow, you lose one or more teeth we recommend, collect the tooth if possible and rinse it with water. While gently pressing the area with gauze to soothe the blow and stop the bleeding.
You must go to the dentist immediately, following the sanitary regulations of the moment, to be able to place the tooth again. The less time passes the better. If it is not possible to recognize your own tooth, we will proceed to a placement of a dental implant.

Loose tooth

If for whatever reason, you have a tooth that dances in your mouth, don’t squeeze it or touch it or move it. You should immediately go to the dentist to perform an x-ray and assess exactly the most appropriate solution and the state of the root.

Dental phlegmon or abscess

An abscess is an infection in the root or gum. Hau clean the area and apply cold to reduce inflammation but never directly on the tooth or gum.
You have to come to the dentist to stop the infection, and not self-medicate. We as qualified personnel can assess the most appropriate indications in your case and follow up to stop the infection before it affects the tooth, gum and the health of your body.

Tongue or lip bite

Although it is one of the most common dental emergencies, knowing how to act from the beginning is essential to limit the bleeding. A fall, a blow are common in both children and adults.
If the bite is large, they applied gauze over the area to relieve pain and stop bleeding. If it does not stop, stitches will have to be applied. Mouthguards are very useful if we do contact sports often.

Small objects stuck in the mouth

In addition to being annoying, they can be dangerous because if they are not removed they could lead to an infection. Thorns, seeds or chopstick chips are usually the most common. The indications are to use dental floss to try to extract them. If you cannot, do not use a sharp object to do so.

Wounds derived from orthodontics

If it is the beginning of orthodontics, discomfort and pain are common. In case you have dropped a part of the device, you will have to go to the orthodontist as soon as possible to replace it.
If, for example, one of the arches is digging, you should also go for the orthodontist to fix it as soon as possible, as it can lead to a wound in the mouth.

Invisalign Invisible Orthodontic Emergencies

If you rub the aligner, you have dropped a shortcut, or you lose a button of the tires you should go so that the orthodontist solves your case as soon as possible, and can continue with the treatment. If you have lost the aligner, you should put on the next one, if it does not enter, try the previous one and go to the orthodontist to communicate it and review the decision made.

Broken jaw

If you have received an impact on the chin, and you may have a figured or broken jaw, you should not make any movement and you should immobilize it with a handkerchief or cloth and go immediately to the dentist or hospital. The oral surgeon will be responsible for performing the necessary tests for your treatment.

Dental Emergencies In The Face Of Coronavirus

Due to the global pandemic due to the coronavirus, from the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic we have to provide the patient with the necessary information for their peace of mind. Many patients have canceled their appointments, and it is normal, fear and uncertainty, as well as health recommendations, force it on certain occasions. For this reason, you should know that:
  • The dentist, as a health professional, is taking all the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health, as well as by international organizations such as the World Health Organization.
  • Very specifically, we are recommended to wear protective glasses and a mask for the barrier effect. They are very useful to avoid contagion in a bilateral sense: from the professional to the patient and vice versa.
  • Rest assured that your dentist is complying, as always, with all recommendations regarding hygiene, disinfection and sterilization measures.
  • Keep in mind that coronavirus is only transmitted via the respiratory route, as well as by contact with surfaces contaminated by the virus. It is not transmitted by blood or any other known route.
  • In addition to wearing masks, the clinic carries out a thorough disinfection after each patient, following the usual rules.

Prevention Tips:

• Wash hands frequently with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer
• Cover the mouth and nose with the bent elbow or a handkerchief.
• Use tissues and disposable napkins
• One meter away with other people
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
• Request medical attention and notify if you have been in a risk area or contact with someone who has been.
• Do not go to hospitals or health centers, call 112 or 900 102 112
• Mask, only in some cases, if you have a cough and combined with hand washing.
• Avoid eating raw or undercooked animal products

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