At the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic you will have access to a pleasant, comfortable and technological environment. Our facilities occupy more than 250 square meters, which are divided into two floors. We have a commitment to accessibility, so that architectural impediments are outside our dental center. Anyone, regardless of their mobility, can come to our clinic without risk.

We are committed to a comprehensive dental clinic model , in which you can feel at home. In addition to receiving a familiar treatment, according to our philosophy, you will find clean, accessible and modern facilities. In order to improve your experience, we have divided our dental facilities into well-differentiated spaces. The result is better management of oral treatments, as well as the best guarantees of comfort for each of our patients.


At the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic we follow an exclusive sterilization and spore control protocol. We are firmly committed to offering top-quality treatments in state-of-the-art healthcare environments. For this reason, we have a large room for sterilization of instruments, bagging and storage. This space is the reflection of a philosophy based on stability and patient protection.


On your first visit to our Ruiz de Gopegui dental clinic we will receive you as you deserve. With the aim of offering the best patient care, we have designed two different spaces, in which comfort and ergonomics are paramount.

  • Medical Office: dental consultations are carried out in this room. Here we assist you and offer you advice on the treatments that best suit your particular needs. In addition, we duly inform you of the dental techniques that we are going to use and we explain the entire procedure from start to finish. In a pleasant environment, such as our medical office you will be able to consult all your doubts with our best doctors.
  • Administration Office: in the administration area we will provide you with written treatments that we are going to carry out to solve your dental problem. Our patient care team will be in charge of explaining the costs of each procedure, as well as the different forms of payment and financing of dental treatments. Our ultimate goal is that all our patients can improve their oral health with guarantees. For this reason, we are committed to tailor-made financing programs.


The breadth of the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic allows us to offer different spaces to carry out all kinds of dental treatments. We have four dental cabinets that include the best appliances and instruments. We offer you state-of-the-art, innovative facilities with the latest technology, so that you feel comfortable in our dental center.


We are a cutting-edge dental clinic, which is committed to innovation and development. This is why our investment in technology is so powerful and innovative. In our clinic we have our own operating room, perfectly equipped and adapted to our patients. All oral surgery processes are carried out in the dental operating room, following the best hygiene and sterilization guarantees. This makes us different from other dental clinics since oral surgery treatments will not be carried out in a dental office, but in a dental operating room, this being an absolutely sterile environment dedicated exclusively to this type of treatment. This has a direct effect on the outcome of the treatment, thus significantly increasing the success rates.. In addition, we incorporate the most advanced technology at the oral level.

In our center, Dr. Francisco Morillas, an anesthetist with more than 25 years of experience in conscious sedation in the dental office, collaborates with us. Dr. Morillas is a national reference in conscious sedation . The Ruiz de Gopegui dental clinic has the necessary permits as well as the recommended facilities to perform conscious sedation in a safe environment.


The Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic is a multidisciplinary dental center that offers comprehensive services. Therefore, any diagnostic test will be carried out with our own equipment. In the X-Ray Room we carry out all kinds of X-rays, CT scans and intraoral scanners. For this, we have the most advanced, versatile and powerful machinery on the market. Thanks to this, we can design dental treatments with maximum precision, speed and safety. With 3D imaging tests we explain your diagnosis and the oral procedure that we have planned for you. All this in a comfortable and familiar environment.


The Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic is one of the most specialized centers in cosmetic dentistry. It is attended by patients with high aesthetic demands and needs, which in order to cover certain facilities are necessary. For this reason we have a photography room, which allows us to analyze and diagnose what are the failures of our patients’ smiles and thus be able to treat them in the most appropriate way.

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We have the latest advances in technology to offer you a unique experience during your visit to our facilities.

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