Dental implants are a revolution in the world of dentistry. A dental implant is one of the best solutions to recover some or several lost teeth, since they give us back not only the functionality of the denture, but also the aesthetics of our smile. However, there are times when a dental implant must be removed. It is not usually very common, because the placement of the dental implant has a large percentage of success in the patient.

In our dental clinic, we have a multidisciplinary team of experts in all dental areas. We guarantee the success of any treatment and we bet on the best materials and techniques for your smile. Clínica Ruiz de Gopegui is one of the best clinics specialized in dental implants in Madrid.

Today we tell you all about why sometimes a dental implant must be removed and its consequences. We invite you to know everything in this article!

How Should A Dental Implant Be Removed?

It is not a common thing, but, in some cases, it is possible for the implant to become infected, ruptured or not properly placed. If something like this happens, it is necessary to remove the dental implant to proceed to place a new one or bet on another alternative.

To remove the damaged or defective dental implant we must extract a very thin layer of bone that surrounds the implant and an access is left to remove it safely.

If you do not want to change the implant, simply close the gum and let the bone regenerate itself.

When Should A Dental Implant Be Removed?

The truth is that removing a dental implant is not common. Before performing its extraction it is necessary that the specialist assess the case in depth and study the alternatives, since it can have serious consequences for the denture.

The implantology specialist will remove a dental implant depending on several factors:

  • When the patient has previous periodontal diseases:

If the dentist placed the dental implant in a patient who had untreated periodontal disease, removing the implant will be considered.

It is essential that the specialist removes any trace of infection or oral problem before placing a dental implant. If not, the disease is very likely to reach the tissues surrounding the implant and weaken them. In addition, during the osseointegration process, tissues are more prone to infections.

  • Low quality materials:

If a defective or low-quality material has been used, the implant may fracture or move, so they will need to be removed.

  • Bite problems

Some patients exert excessive force when it comes to power on their teeth and, therefore, on their implants. A bad occlusion or bruxism can fracture the dental implant.

  • Implant rejection

It is not usually a common cause. This occurs when the osseointegration process is not good or the patient’s immune system rejects the implant.

Consequences Of Removing A Dental Implant

What happens if you remove a dental implant? It should be noted that, as a general rule, the removal of a dental implant performed by an expert in implantology and with proper planning does not pose any problem or risk to the patient. If after removing a dental implant you do not replace the piece, you will suffer problems derived from the absence of the tooth. However, if the extraction is not done correctly, you can develop different problems:


Oral bacteria accumulate and infect the gums surrounding the implant. This infection generates swelling and discomfort in the patient.


It is a rare problem, but placing the implant near the nerve may cause pain from contact.


If the implants are placed in the upper jaw, in some cases sinus problems may develop.


After the placement or removal of the implant it is normal to suffer hemorrhages, but if these last and are constant, you should go immediately to the clinic.

Does It Hurt To Remove A Dental Implant?

You can rest assured. Removing a dental implant, if done properly, does not generate any discomfort for the patient, because it is an intervention that is carried out under local anesthesia.

Recommendations After Extraction

After an extraction our specialist will be in charge of giving you some guidelines and advice to follow so that you suffer any negative consequences for your smile.

  • Avoid contact in the extraction area.
  • Eat cold foods that reduce discomfort.
  • Bet on a soft diet.
  • Do not brush the area hard.
  • Take your recommended medication.

Clínica Ruiz De Gopegui: Experts In Implantology

Now you know all the reasons and consequences that can arise from the removal of a dental implant. As you know, it is vitally important to always go to a dental clinic expert in implantology and trustworthy.

In our dental clinic we guarantee success after any intervention. Our multidisciplinary team offers you a personalized treatment that covers all your needs.

If you think it is necessary to remove a dental implant, come to our clinic so that an expert can assess your condition.

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