Can you suffer from any disease because of wearing dental implants? The truth is that people who undergo implant treatment can develop diseases in the tissues around the implant. There are several diseases related to implants and they can be a great nuisance for the patient.

Today, from the Ruiz de Gopegui Clinic wetell you everything about these pathologies and how to avoid them.

In our dental clinic we have a multidisciplinary team expert in implantology that guarantees the best results for your smile. We perform each treatment in a personalized way, using the best materials and cutting-edge technology as a main tool. Clínica Ruiz de Gopegui is one of the best clinics specialized in dental implants in Madrid.

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Dental Implants And Possible Diseases

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The truth is that having a dental implant in the smile requires the same care as a natural tooth. However, there are several cases in which the patient has developed some type of infection or disease, which produces a danger to the success of the implant treatment. That is, a disease that develops around the dental implant reduces the so-called «useful life» of this.

In recent years, according to the Congress of Periodontology and Oral Health, the number of cases with peri-implant diseases has increased. About 1 in 5 patients with a dental implant goes on to suffer from this disease. In addition, Dr. Jan Lindhe, one of the leading experts in periodontics and implant therapy, has called for this problem. Diseases that develop from a dental implant arise as a reaction to a bacterial infection.

An implant is a great alternative to the loss of a tooth. It allows us to recover the functionality and aesthetics of our smile thanks to an intervention that, in most cases, is very successful. However, we must know that dental implant diseases can cause us to lose what we had gained.

Among the most common pathologies that can develop after the placement of a dental implant we distinguish two stages; mucositis and peri-implantitis. Both are progressive and worsen over time, so it is necessary to treat them as soon as possible.


It would be the disease equivalent to gingivitis in the teeth. This infection develops when the soft tissues around the implant, the gums, look inflamed. But beware! This disease is reversible and more common. It does not involve bone loss, so the implant will continue in place.

Treatment to eliminate this disease, the dentist must completely eradicate the accumulation of bacterial plaque.


It is about the development of mucositis, that is, when not treated correctly, the disease develops and worsens. It is said to be the equivalent of periodontitis because of its great resemblance.

Unlike mucositis, this disease not only affects the soft tissues surrounding the implant, but also the hard ones. In this type of disease, the bone that supports the implant piece is affected. Therefore, it is a more serious pathology that can have great consequences on our oral health.

Treatment to solve this disease is needed by a specialized dentist who performs surgery. Through this, it is possible to completely clean the dental implant and the affected area, eliminating the bacteria that damaged the gum.

Sometimes, in the most severe cases, the patient must undergo reconstruction of the damaged area.

Causes Of Dental Implant Diseases

The main cause of the development of dental implant disease is poor oral hygiene. That is, when there is poor or no hygiene, food debris and bacteria begin to accumulate in the patient’s mouth, elements that greatly favor the accumulation of bacterial plaque. The dental implant, being an artificial piece, does not have the same defense systems as a natural tooth, so its reaction to infectious agents such as oral bacteria will be more deficient.

In addition, it is important that prior to the placement of the dental implant, there is no gum disease. In case the patient presents any oral pathology, it must be removed before undergoing dental implant treatment.

Symptoms Of Diseases Caused By Implants

  • Inflammation of the treated area.
  • Bleeding.
  • Redness.
  • Discharge of pus
  • Pain and discomfort

It should be noted that after an intervention of dental implants, the patient may notice slight discomfort in the treated area. However, if these pains are constant and permanent, you should go to the dental clinic immediately. If you spot any of these symptoms, call us!

Tips To Prevent Dental Implant Diseases

  • Maintain proper oral hygiene: Continue with the recommended oral hygiene routines and brush your smile after each meal.
  • Use tools such as interdental brushes, oral irrigator, and dental floss.
  • Mouthwash is a great ally for the elimination of bacteria.
  • Eliminate tobacco from your life.
  • If you are diabetic, keep proper control of your disease.
  • Go to the periodic reviews with the dentist so that he can evaluate your state of health.

Clínica Ruiz De Gopegui: Experts In Dental Implants

Now you know everything about diseases caused by dental implants. Remember that to avoid this type of pathology it is not only necessary that you follow adequate oral hygiene guidelines, but also that you put your smile in the hands of experts. In our dental clinic we use the best materials to give you back your perfect smile. In addition, to recover the functionality and aesthetics of your smile it is also important to have a team of professionals.

If you want to undergo dental implant treatment, do not hesitate to call our clinic and request a first visit. Our doctor specialized in implantology will carry out a personalized planning according to all your needs.

Make an appointment! We are waiting for you!

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