Conscious sedation is an anesthetic technique that allows us to treat people suffering from dental phobia. The fear of the dentist is a serious problem, which is behind many oral diseases. At the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic we want all our patients to find a solution to their oral pathologies, even if they suffer from odontophobia.

If you suffer from fear of the dentist you will know that it is a fairly serious phobia. That uncontrollable fear of going to the dentist for necessary dental treatments can put your oral health at serious risk. Phobias cannot be controlled unless specific and lasting therapies are carried out.

The problem is that, in many cases, we don’t have time to work on dental phobia before planning a treatment that safeguards a patient’s oral health. Conscious sedation allows us to treat you successfully, without you feeling anything during the procedure.

The medical team of our dental clinic is specialized in offering a personalized treatment to each patient. If you are afraid of the dentist we understand you and we know how to act. We will go hand in hand, helping you throughout the process and guaranteeing a simple, relaxed and painless procedure. Our goal is to make your life easier on your visit to the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic.

What Is Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation allows us, through the use of specific and controlled anesthesia, to keep the patient in a state of absolute relaxation during dental interventions. The participation of an anesthesiologist is key throughout the process, since he must control the drugs that are administered to the patient so that he remains sedated and calm.

The advantage of having an anaesthetist at all times is that after treatment normal faculties are recovered in record time. In our dental clinic we usually opt for conscious sedation whenever we receive a patient who shows an uncontrollable fear of the dentist.

In addition, there are cases in which these anesthetic techniques are of great help. When we must practice a complicated oral surgery, conscious sedation helps us to guarantee safe results, because the patient is relaxed throughout the intervention.

The advantages of dental sedation

  • Mitigates odontophobia: if you suffer from dentist phobia, conscious sedation allows us to treat you normally. In addition, it is a great help in the treatment of odontophobia. This is because after the treatment you can see that everything has gone perfectly and your dental health has improved. If you suffer episodes of severe stress when you think about going to the dentist, conscious sedation is a guarantee in your case.
  • Help the dentist: in longer or more complicated treatments, the dentist will have better leeway to carry out the procedure. The patient, on the other hand, is completely relaxed.
  • It has no side effects: at the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic we offer you a safe and quality conscious sedation program, which does not involve risks to your health.
  • Minimally invasive: This anesthetic technique is minimally invasive. That is, it does not entail risks for you.
  • Rapid recovery: our anaesthetist administers the necessary dose of anesthetic drugs. This dose is planned to measure, so that the patient recovers from sedation in a few minutes.
  • Guaranteed effectiveness: conscious sedation is very effective. If we must carry out a long-term dental procedure, such as the placement of dental implants, you will hardly know how long you are in our office.

Cases In Which Conscious Sedation Is Indicated

In addition to being a fabulous alternative for complex or lasting oral treatments, such as dental implantology or oral surgery, there are some cases in which it is convenient to opt for these conscious sedation techniques:

  • People who suffer from odontophobia or fear of the dentist.
  • To carry out complex approaches to oral surgery.
  • Long-lasting dental treatments.
  • People with high levels of anxiety.
  • Dental treatments in children with fear of the dentist.
  • Dental treatments in patients with intellectual disabilities.

Dr. Francisco Morillas is our conscious sedation specialist. At the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic we have designed a multidisciplinary sedation program, which helps us to guarantee the relaxation necessary to carry out dental treatments of all kinds. Thanks to our investment in cutting-edge technology, we can offer safe and successful dental procedures.

The training of our anaesthetist is a guarantee of quality to avoid odontophobia. If you are afraid of the dentist, make an appointment at our dental clinic. Our medical team will make sure that you receive the best oral care, without suffering the slightest. Immediately after your treatment under conscious sedation, you will recover your daily activity, without the slightest problem. The first visit is free at the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic. Smile with us!

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