At the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic, we follow all the recommendations and requirements of the Ministry of Health to deal with the new coronavirus. This infection, SARS-CoV-2, causes a disease, known as COVID-19, which spreads very quickly, causing collapse situations such as those we are experiencing right now.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols In The Dental Clinic

Our goal is to maintain the safety of our patients and staff at all times. Therefore, the treatments we perform in the dental office will be carried out under quality protocols and maximum safety standards:

Pre-appointment instructions

1. Fill out the questionnaire

Complete a pre-consultation questionnaire to identify potentially infected patients.

2. Come alone

The patient should come without adornment and only to consultation, unless he is a minor or a person in need of help.

3. Be on time

Arrive on time, not sooner, to avoid unnecessary waiting.

Patient reception

4. Safety distance

The patient will be treated through a screen with a safety distance of 1.5 meters.

5. Hydroalcoholic gel

You will be offered hydroalcoholic gel to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

6. Wait

The patient will be asked to sit in the waiting room until called. You will not wander around the clinic.

Instructions in

7. Protective material

Shoe covers will be placed to enter the cabinet, a waterproof plastic bib and eye protection.

8. Mouthwash

You will be given a mouthwash that you must keep in your mouth for 30 seconds and spit.

9. Treatment

The dental treatment will be carried out safely and then the cleaning and disinfection of the cabinet.

Final instructions

10. Payment by card

Preference to pay by card and not with cash to reduce risks of viral contamination.

11. Next appointment

We will remind you that you have to return to the next appointment unaccompanied and unadorned.

12. Warn if signs appear

If you see any signs or if you come into contact with a case of COVID-19, please let us know to change your appointment.

At Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic we care about your safety and that of our team. Your peace of mind is our reason for being and, therefore, we will implement all the necessary measures to ensure a safe and sterile space. All our treatments are carried out in highly hygienic and sterilized environments, as we follow exhaustive material and surface sterilization protocols. In our dental clinic in Madrid, safety is fundamental and your health is our priority.

If you have questions about our security protocols call us and we will be happy to solve them. Coming to our dental hospital to perform quality dental treatments is still completely safe. We take care that you visit a healthy environment. We are waiting for you!

COVID-19 Safety Protocols In The Dental Clinic

The team of the Ruiz de Gopegui Dental Clinic is in constant training to work with the greatest guarantees of protection for patients and the entire team of the dental clinic. That is why our doctors have satisfactorily completed the course «Dental action plan for the post-epidemic period Covid-19» taught by the General Council of Dentists and the Spanish Dental Foundation.

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